In every type of business there are certain non-essential, supportive business processes, which are an important past of operations, but far from the core competence of the company. They are often quite repetitive in nature and require specific IT tools to execute them properly. Such processes can be outsourced to an external provider, a move that has numerous advantages:

  • Savings: specialised service provider can often do the same job with lower total cost than in-house solution.
  • Business expansion: expanding both geographically (new location) and in terms of working hours (e.g., going two shifts instead of one) can drastically increase costs of support processes. Specialised service provider allows for much more scalability in his field of expertise.
  • Specialisation: companies try to focus their resources on their core rather than support processes. For the service provider however, these processes are the core activity, and they have an expert knowledge of them.
  • Balancing OPEX/CAPEX ratio: when expenditure on support processes start to build up, companies may wish to convert them to fixed and controllable OPEX by means of outsourcing them.
  • Lack of resources: many supportive processes require expensive resources, which companies do not have readily available.
  • Better resource utilisation: abovementioned resources will have much better utilisation when used within a service organisation, making them cheaper to obtain by means of outsourcing.

Vimana specialises in identifying and taking over supportive processes within IT and Operations area, assuming full responsibility for performance and achieving agreed KPIs. We free up company’s resources from disruptive activities and let them concentrate on their most important ones. We take over processes for which there is no internal expertise, no resources or process is considered too expensive. We also take over processes with relevant customer’s personnel if needed.

Our trusted service platform and management methodology guarantees highest quality of rendered services, full documentation, and comprehensive performance reporting. 

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