Each service request has its own history from initial registration and contractor assignment to relevant communication and reporting completion back to SPOC agent, who – in turn – informs the originator of the request and collects feedback. This allows to report all issues in a standardised manner, with the same steps, same time measurements and same customer satisfaction rating. In turn, it makes the supplier’s performance precise and consistent.

There are numerous other advantages of our SPOC service:

  • immediate reaction to all incidents as they occur, because employees do not need to search for an appropriate contractor and have to contact them,
  • fast evaluation of incident severity based on a predefined set of principles and available incident history,
  • contractor assignment based on predefined criteria (e.g., relevance, performance history, existing contracts),
  • transparency throughout entire service rendering process,
  • consistent reporting, leading to better supplier appraisal and overall better service.

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