Our objective is to provide innovative services at the highest possible level and at reasonable prices. To achieve it, we build our company on three important foundations:

  • flexible creation of service processes in accordance with clients’ needs and industry best practices,
  • creative ideas for solving problems,
  • developing a long-term cooperation with clients by taking over the support of complete business processes.

The core of Vimana’s philosophy lies in our proprietary approach to providing services which we named “3P.” It includes the three most important elements of our company which create added value for our clients:

  • the right staff (People)
  • proper method (Performance)
  • strict control over service performance (Price)


Our company begins with people. They develop good relationships with clients and are responsible for the quality of our services. They are the real players behind the majority of the most advanced technological processes.

We are aware of these aspects. That is why Vimana’s team is a group of carefully selected experts who are motivated and satisfied with their job and workplace. Our employees have a clearly defined career path suitable to the company’s size. We make sure that our employees can constantly develop their skills – we provide regular product- and service-related trainings as well as development programs (coaching).


We ensure that our experts can use methods and support tools customized for the services they provide. This is what allows them to perform their task effectively.

Each team of experts needs tools and procedures that allow them to provide services in a correct and repeatable manner. Our proprietary solutions in this area are based on proven ITIL and Prince2 frameworks, from which we have adapted the procedures of service provision process management. The use of properly selected IT tools ensures that proper operations are performed at the right time and by the right people.


We have many years of experience in developing service solutions, which allows us to optimize our organization and its business processes. As a result, we provide our clients with high quality, effective services at relatively low prices.

In comparison to costs incurred by other market players, ours are relatively low, which allows us to offer very attractive prices. Our cost efficiency results from:

  • flat organizational structure that is based on tasks, and not on hierarchy,
  • low general costs,
  • use of external services for our supplementary processes (e.g. accounting, HR),
  • locating service offices where our clients operate, which brings savings in transport costs and ensures employee efficiency,
  • use of specialized IT systems for our service operations automation and quality control.