IT hardware is a major part of Vimana’s offer. We mostly specialise in:

  • end user devices (PCs, monitors),
  • peripherials (pronters, barcode scanners),
  • servers and backup devices,
  • active network components.

We supply products from most major manufacturers:

  • DataLogic (scanners),
  • Zebra (thermoprinters),
  • HiSense (POS),
  • Lenovo (PC),
  • HP (Servers, PC, Printers),
  • Cisco (Switching, WiFi),
  • Dell (PC, Servers, Storage, Backup),
  • UPOS, Posnet (fiscal printers),
  • Fujitsu (PC, Servers, Storage, Backup).

Buying large quantities of hardware is always a challenge for IT departments, due to lack of storage space and human resources. The challenge gets even bigger if hardware comes from many suppliers, must be completed, configured, tested, delivered and installed in multiple locations. Therefore Vimana offers a host of services with every hardware acquisition request. We specialise in large roll out projects and have both staff and locations to handle such requests. See more in the links below.

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