Today’s IT environments comprise of ever more interconnected components, both hardware and software. This trend is particularly visible in case of IOT, AI and growing automation. Together with this increased complexity comes higher risk of a breakdown or malfunction.

AshWin is a tool allowing to monitor processes by receiving and analysing various pre-defined characteristics and checking their status/value against a benchmark. Sources for the characteristics can be both hardware and software:

  • IT Hardware (PC, server, printer, etc.),
  • Database engine (Oracle, Postgress, MySQL),
  • Communication protocols (HTTP, DNS, FTP, SMTP, SSH, DHCP),
  • Uninterruptable power supply (APC, Eaton, etc.),
  • Mass Storage (NAS, HDD, RAID, USB),
  • Various devices and machines (Aircon, alarms, coolers, fiscal printers, etc.).

Data coming from monitoring can be classified as warning or error. It is possible to create a distribution list and escalation path if there was no reaction or status change over predefined period. Alerts can be sent by SMS or email.

AshWIn can also be used to steer automated processes by sending data and commands to monitored devices. It can, for instance, trigger operating system shut down in case of critical CPU overheat or force a fiscal printer to perform a day end procedure.

A strong point of AshWin is its ability to visualise monitoring results in dashboards and reports. It allows to combine collected data with graphics, graphs, even live data streams from monitored devices (like cameras or microphones). All that can be presented in forms of geographical maps, heat maps, charts and so much more, resulting in a very clear presentation of problems, should they ever occur.

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