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Who we are

We develop, implement, and support complex IT solutions based on the world’s best technological standards and customized to meet individual needs of our clients.


Our company begins with people. They develop good relationships with clients and are responsible for the quality of our services. They are the real players behind the majority of the most advanced technological processes.



We ensure that our experts can use methods and support tools customized for the services they provide. This is what allows them to perform their tasks effectively.



With our good selection of employees and tools as well as with many years of experience on the IT market, we can offer high quality services at very reasonable prices.

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Our offer

Vimana is a group of companies operating under one common name, but working in different yet complementary areas related to IT services. Our organizations are linked and intersect using common resources. Depending on needs and situations, our companies create a flexible mechanism of providing high quality services and solutions at very attractive prices.

Our Team

During several years of our operations, we have succeeded in building a team of experienced specialists who are passionate about their areas and for whom working in Vimana poses new challenges.


Vimana carries out projects for clients from different industries. A vast majority of our operations include advanced support of users, systems, and IT infrastructure. This is a list of companies that put their trust in us:

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