One of the main ways to support users of IT systems in companies and institutions is a helpdesk. It provides numerous services in an orderly fashion and with an audit trail for each user request. However, implementation of helpdesk functionality is not easy and requires substantial investment in both personnel and necessary IT and communication tools.

Vimana offers you a ready and very well matured external helpdesk solution, which is highly configurable and customisable. It comprises of all elements expected from a professional service and features:

  • complete set of robust operational procedures which we developed over the years, supported by integrated IT and communication tools. Every service request is recorded, registered, and must be resolved and closed.
  • knowledge base we utilise during request processing gives us a sound base to constantly improve our response to reported problems and raise “First Call Resolution Rate”,
  • as part of an improvement process our agents are trained towards solving most common problems as they are reported and solve more issues without escalating them to a higher support level,
  • extended working hours (also 24/7),
  • service scalability and peaks handling via multiple communication channels (phone, fax, email, chat),
  • flexible SLA conditions, assignable individually to products under service,
  • large and stable team of experienced agents, quickly learning customer specifics and reacting promptly to commonly occurring issues.

Helpdesk and Servicedesk are both dedicated to IT related support, be it hardware maintenance, software issues or overall end user support. For a broader range of support, covering all operational issues, please see our SPOC service package in the link below.

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