NGEJ is a complex and indispensable tool, created to cover the following:

  • managing all fiscal printers within the company (including location changes),
  • retrieving and backing up all cash slips from fiscal printer memory,
  • searching, reporting and reprinting cash slips without the need to manually browse paper copies.

Printer management functions allow the user to register all fiscal devices in one database and monitor their status and performance:

  • obtaining status from all printers in the database,
  • storing location change history for all devices (important with relocations due to service, Tax Office requirements, new openings or seasonal sales activities),
  • setting up alerts (distributed by mail or SMS) when certain problems with a printer occur,
  • remotely enforcing fiscal day end procedure.

The database of fiscal cash slips collected using NGEJ serves primarily as a backup of fiscal memory in case of a printer’s failure. However, once collected our application allows to use them for much more. Most important features are:

  • printing sales report per location and date ranges (useful to fulfil Tax Office requests),
  • printout of totals of fiscal sales for reconciliation and tax reporting purposes,
  • finding and reprinting a particular cash slip upon request from a fiscal authority. Such a reprint is frequently accepted and treated as original cash slip,
  • cash slip reprint upon request from a customer, which saves a lot of manual effort,
  • sending a reprint to an email account of a requesting party.

NGEJ is fully integrated with Posnet brand fiscal printers from which it retrieves sales data via proprietary interface. Collected sales data can then be fed into other business systems or simply exported in Excel spreadsheet format for further analysis. It can also be used in conjunction with other Vimana products, such as VIM (Vimana Invoice Manager) which uses fiscal paragons to print out invoices, corrective invoices, and other sales related documents or with JUNO, an automated application for sales forecasting and replenishment.

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