VIM is an advanced invoice generating tool, especially useful for companies with multiple outlets and large geographic dispersion. Invoices can be created from sales data obtained from fiscal cash slips, sales application, ERP system or from any other data source. In addition to standard invoice, VIM can also generate large range of other sales related documents. Examples are:

  • Credit and debit notes
  • Tax Free,
  • Excise tax forms,
  • Packing Slip (for exports),
  • Quality Certificates (e.g., for solid fuel sales),
  • Credit and debit notes.

An important and very useful feature of VIM is automatic generation of a corrective invoice (credit note) based on returns made at the cash desk. Depending on data source and specifics of integration, corrective document can be produced just seconds after return has been processed.

Another very useful feature allows users to create collective invoices, which can consolidate cash slips from multiple outlets and issued to multiple entities. An extensive Customer record definition provides ways to control consolidation process.

VIM is also a great tool for franchise chains as it allows to centralise invoice generation, where many separate legal entities (franchisers) can share common Customer database, while sales data is accessible only for a given entity.

All sales documents are saved and archived together with an audit trail of all operations (like creation, print, reprint) and can be viewed and analysed using built-in reports.

As mentioned before VIM can be integrated with other applications to obtain customer and sales data. It can also connect to data sources via simple and very flexible built-in API. Data collection can be either active (VIM actively requests data from other sources) or passive (VIM waits for a signal from external source). However, in most scenarios, VIM works best with another Vimana product: NGEJ – Next Generation Electronic Journal, which collects sales data in real time from fiscal printers. The entire process can then be monitored by yet another of our products: AshWin – Complex Monitoring System.

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