If the coffee machine is an important part of your business and a major generator of income, then any malfunction of it can have a serious impact on profitability. Not to mention disappointed customers.

Vimana is the only independent, multivendor service provider for large, professional coffee machines in Poland. We operate nationwide and have our own service engineers, trained by manufacturers in maintenance and fixing their products.

Our unique offer covers quick, professional fixing of coffee machines at location as well as periodic maintenance activities according to manufacturer’s guidelines. For all machines under our service, we assure sufficient stock of original parts and technical supplies. We provide our services based on comprehensive SLA agreement, which regulates the scope and fixing times. Services can be rendered 7 days a week and in 24/7 mode.

Although is it possible to receive authorisation from other manufacturers, we currently take care of products from the following brands:

Traditional coffee machines:



Fully automated machines:


La Cimballi,

Evoca Kalea.

Coffee grinders:



What distinguishes our offer:

  • 24/7 – We take calls all day and all night,
  • 16/7 – we render services in 16 hours window and in accordance with SLA agreement,
  • 12 service offices across Poland,
  • own spare parts stock,
  • logistics and transport for coffee machines up to 500kg,
  • our own, trained, and skilled engineering team.

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