When a company decides to implement a coffee offer or replaces existing coffee machines with new ones, internal resources will not be sufficient to carry on such project. An external partner is needed, one with knowledge and resources sufficient to provide necessary support.

Vimana offers an expert, well mature service of mass installation or replacement of large, traditional, or automated coffee machines. We can store them temporarily, transport them to their destination, install (including water filtering system) and train personnel in technical usage. If deinstallation of previous coffee machine is part of the project, we can also professionally clean old unit and prepare it for sale or recycling.

Operating from 12 offices around Poland, we can deliver consistent, high-quality services in many locations at a time. We can handle devices with weight of up to 500kg. In needed we provide our services outside regular working hours to minimise business disruption for end customers.

What distinguishes our offer:

  • 24/7 – We take calls all day and all night,
  • 16/7 – we render services in 16 hours window and in accordance with SLA agreement,
  • 12 service offices across Poland,
  • own spare parts stock,
  • logistics and transport for coffee machines up to 500kg,
  • our own, trained, and skilled engineering team.

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