In every company IT infrastructure requires certain changes periodically. Utilised hardware requires upgrades, re-installation, moving to a new location. Over time hardware requires to be replaced and the old one to be properly recycled. All above scenarios fit into our IMAC-D service offer. To classic: Install, Move, Add, Change, we add De-install, by which we mean, removing old hardware, cleaning the workplace, removing all data and recycling it according to EU legislation.

For over 10 year we support our customers in hardware related mass activities, which are a rare event for their inhouse IT but everyday business for us. Our methodology, experience and resources help execute even the largest scale hardware roll outs. Our support covers:

  • skilled and experienced field engineers,
  • nationwide operations with possible support outside Poland,
  • large stock of spare parts for quick reaction to unexpected issues,
  • work outside regular business hours if necessary.

We execute infrastructural project using our own methodology, developed and polished over many years. The building blocks of it are:

  • Planning: together with Customer we create detailed plans for installation with an aim to either shorten the time required or minimise business disruptions. We plan installation in a location I several small “waves” or do it outside business hours.
  • Logistics: we can transport, stock, mark, configure, pick and dispatch hardware. We can also do a consolidation service on hardware coming from different locations or vendors,
  • Completeness: we perform all tasks in the project to the very end, we clean workstations, remove packaging and waste, reset or remove all data from old devices and recycle them,
  • Control: Throughout entire project we extensively use checklists, test equipment on every stage and do quality control of each task.

Most of components of IMAC-D described above are also integral part of our other hardware related services (see links below).

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