I talk to the clients and employees. I sell products. I look for new market possibilities. Sometimes, I do things that seem impossible. This is all possible thanks to the engagement of Vimana people and its flexible organization.

People are key. They are at the beginning and at the end of each transaction. Without Vimana’s employees, many solutions would not have been possible. I decided to work in this company because I like its business concept, a huge scope of responsibilities, and, consequently, the ability to make decisions.

What I like in our company is its flexible structure, fast decision-making process, and fast communication, relations between the employees, and their independence in choosing aims and resources.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: He has been working in the sale of IT services and solutions on the Polish market for over 18 years. He started his career in Prokom S.A., working as a Sales Specialist. He continued his work in Comparex Systemy Informatyczne as a Sales Support Consultant and Account Manager. Then, he spent many years cooperating with Fujitsu Services, later transformer into S&T Services Polska. This is where he was responsible for the SMB, then retail market as an Account Manager. He has been working in Vimana as a Sales Director and Proxy since April 2012.

EDUCATION: Jakub is a graduate of Warsaw School of Economics, with specialization in finance and banking. At his alma mater, he also completed post-graduate studies of “Psychological and Negotiation-Related Competences in a Professional Company.”

PERSONAL LIFE: Married, two kids. He likes practicing sports (the more, the better, but not in front of the TV) and reading books.