Workforce Management

Reflexis is a modular software for managing shop personnel and executing everyday tasks necessary to ensure that all shops in a chain offer the same quality and shopping experience. This software is dedicated for medium and large retail chains.

Reflexis Workforce Manager

Reflexis is an American software developed by a company which concentrated all its actions on time management and task execution (Task Management) in retail facilities of large and medium retail chains. As a result, they created a set of tools intended to streamline communication, increase personnel performance and management efficiency, as well as to improve the execution of everyday tasks and their control.


Workforce Management is the central element of the system. It is a module intended for planning the optimum number of staff members in each shop and for using legally determined personnel worktime to the maximum. Applied advanced algorithms allow to shorten the time necessary to plan the team’s work, as none of the employees is accidentally omitted at a planning stage or overloaded with work, and the planning process becomes significantly shorter. This system also takes employee preferences (e.g. if they attend trainings), skills, applicable legal regulations, turnover history, the number of customers and employees in the previous years into consideration. It also allows to automatically recalculate work schedules if necessary, e.g. in case of sick leaves and other unplanned absences.


Another important element of the system is the employee site, which functions as a source of information (the employees can check when they will be working in the close future and with whom), but it also allows to report leave-related needs and register sick-leave absences. The site also allows the employees to mutually exchange their working days while checking whether legal standards and requirements determining necessary employee skills are observed.


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