Our services for remote user support are based on orientated teams of professional agents and on our proprietary technology compliant with ITIL and ITSM. Basing on an integrated package of software tools, we provide our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our solution

One of our basic tools supporting IT system users in enterprises and public offices is Helpdesk. It allows us to provide various services in a systematized way and with a full audit path. However, Helpdesk implementation presents numerous difficulties in organization and requires investment in software supporting its operations.


That is why Vimana offers ready-made solutions of an external Helpdesk service. We ensure all necessary elements of a professional Helpdesk so that you can forget about many currently experienced inconveniences:


  1. We base our services on a proven set of operating procedures and integrated IT and telecommunication tools. Each notification is recorded and registered in our tracking system. Each has to be finalized, solved, and closed.
  2. We adapt to your needs regarding Helpdesk operations time. Our typical way of operation includes service available 5 days a week for 8 hours or 7 days a week for 12 hours.
  3. We also offer a possibility to define Service Level separately for different locations or devices classes. In a continuous mode (online) or in a form of periodic reports, we allow you to control whether defined SLA levels have been achieved.
  4. We ensure high scalability of service and adapting it to the traffic expected by the client. Incoming and outcoming traffic is supported via multiple channels (phone, fax, chat, e-mail).
  5. We support increased traffic (peaks) related to current projects or a particular season.
  6. Our agents can be trained to independently solve as many problems as possible, or they can forward problems to a higher support level or to the customer IT department.
  7. Our support tools allow us to create a knowledge base including information on problems registered and solved in the past. This allows us to continuously improve our First Call Resolution Rate.
  8. Our team is extremely stable. This allows our agents to quickly learn about clients’ specific characters and to know how to react to specific types of problems, which ensures shorter ticket acceptance time and greater client satisfaction.


We would like to stress that our service is dedicated to IT and IT systems user support. Please contact us for details.


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