Hardware Services

The maintenance of IT devices located in numerous commercial or service-related locations is not easy and can be quite expensive. We specialize in equipment and hardware service, including maintenance of professional checkout machines. We also offer ongoing monitoring of IT resources and ensure quick reactions to experienced failures.


In order to provide the highest quality of device-related services, we have created ServiceCare, a unique, proprietary solution of Vimana based on proven methodologies of infrastructure management and extended IT tools. We help our clients in the most arduous business processes, including:

  1. failure tickets receipt from users and the IT department (HelpDesk)
  2. maintenance and stocktake of devices (fixed assets database)
  3. repair of equipment in a strictly defined maintenance window
  4. periodic cleaning and maintenance of devices
  5. repair process or device replacement control, providing replacement devices
  6. controlling and maintaining an inventory of service parts and replacement devices


With many years of experience in satisfying clients’ service needs with specialized ERP application, our team can offer advanced, clearly defined, and scalable services of IT infrastructure management, from simple maintenance works, through keeping full operational capability, to complicated migration processes. We define operational procedures and Disaster Recovery actions individually for each client and device, in accordance with service conditions (ticketing hours, repair times, replacement devices, SLA).


Basic characteristics of ServiceCare:

  1. flexible service rules based on proven schemes (ITIL);
  2. service procedures and information management that can be modified to fit clients’ needs;
  3. support with software managing the process of service provision:
    • database of infrastructure elements
    • database of contracts, SLA
    • database of service procedures
    • nowledge base created for each contract
    • Contact Center (Call Center)
    • service tickets base
    • mobile application for engineers and technicians
    • everything integrated and optimized for service process management from the first ticket to the client’s final acceptance.

In recent years, we have completed numerous infrastructure-related projects with our clients. These projects included both maintenance of devices such as workstations, servers, printers, cash registers, and printing machines, but also a mass replacement of computers, servers, or network elements with setting their correct configuration and providing the set of necessary business applications. Each of these tasks provided us with a new unique experience which enriched our work methodology.

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