Active 24/7 monitoring of infrastructure with a proactive approach to alarms.


AshWin is our proprietary software for monitoring heterogenic client environments. AshWin is based on Open Monitoring Distribution (OMD) software and uses numerous proven solutions from this platform, including:

  1. Nagios
  2. Icinga
  3. NagVis
  4. pnp4nagios
  5. rrdtool/rrdcached
  6. Check_MK
  7. ThrukMod-Gearman

For resource monitoring process, we use the Icinga engine. Depending on the type of monitored resources, different tools and protocols are used to obtain data, including: SNMP, WMI, or agents installed directly on resources. We use NSClient++ and Check_MK agents or a proprietary solution whose concept is similar to NSClient.

Collected information is presented in an easy form on a dedicated WWW server with the use of Thruk and NagVis software. Historic data is saved in a RRD database and presented with a PNP4Nagios application.

To ensure real advantage from resource monitoring, we have developed a proprietary approach to implement our solution. This approach is based on a multistage analysis of data obtained from monitoring, aiming at setting up proper alerts and their triggering thresholds:

  1. Monitoring the client’s resources starts with getting familiar with the client’s environment and conducting technical and business interviews. The initial monitoring of all data is configured and tested only on the basis of collected information.
  2. During tests, we check if scripts for data collection and analysis are correct, as well as whether false and regularly repeated alarms are reported. We also prepare an appropriate, client-approved form of reports and presentation of results. Our system allows to create periodic reports for one item of monitored resources, a group of resources, or a specific service. The reports can be available online or generated at a selected time and sent in a PDF form via e-mail to defined e-mail addresses.
  3. At the next stage, we enable automatic notifications on incidents and configure their escalation path. This is intended to eliminate reporting of an excessive number of alarms, which could gradually put the administrators of monitored systems off guard.
  4. The last step can be connecting AshWin with service request management software for automatic issuing of problem tickets when an incident occurs.



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