Who we are

Vimana is a group of companies operating under one common name, but working in different yet complementary areas related to IT services. Our organizations are linked and intersect using common resources and creating a flexible mechanism of providing high quality services and solutions at very attractive prices.

VIMANA Sp. z o.o. is an organization providing high quality support services for IT infrastructure and users. Innovative service solutions are mostly directed to retailers, hotels, spas, and restaurant chains (hospitality sector), as well as to large and medium clients with a geographically distributed infrastructure. Our services are provided 24×7×365 for a diverse infrastructure on the territory of Poland and in other Central and Eastern European countries. Our company’s portfolio also includes innovative self-service checkout and payment systems, designed mainly to streamline customer service in retail, services, and in culinary facilities.

VIMANA Solutions Sp. z o.o. focuses on creating services and solutions that optimize client’s systems, providing support for business processes and making them safer and more accessible. The company supports clients in modernizing system environment, database, and application systems. We also provide consultation on how to modernize IT infrastructure and integrate owned resources in the best possible way, and develop client-dedicated software. Our company also carries out projects that include taking over application system maintenance.

SHOP IN A BOX is an innovative solution for retailers.
It allows for unmanned or semi manned retail spaces.
Vimana works with clients
to adapt retailing concepts and technology to meet individual needs.
The thickness of the cladding on the walls can be adjusted to the climatic conditions of the shop location
Doors and windows can be
incorporated according to local
standards and customer requests in terms of number, location, size and type
Shop in a box can be painted according to customers request and design
Shop in a box is an ideal marketing tool and can be equipped with digital
signage upon request


Before we set up Vimana in 2011, each of us had worked for over 15 years in IT-related corporations. Our experience comes mostly from managing contracts for IT infrastructure and user support, as well as from consulting projects, big roll-outs, and service transition tasks.

After many years of working on this market, we all came to the conclusion that even though there are many companies providing services for IT managers, none of them offers a set of customized, customer-specific products and processes, combining great quality with attractive prices. In order to address this challenge, we have built a team of experienced and customer-support-oriented professionals. We have also organized our company’s structure to make it the most cost-effective by eliminating unnecessary administration and management costs. We believe that the combination of all these elements into one coherent whole allowed us to develop the best price-value relation on the market. Our HR policy is an important aspect of Vimana’s vision. We are determined to employ experts whose main objective is to provide the best solutions on the market. Our objective is – what is also crucial – to keep such employees in our company for a long time, so we put a lot of effort into making them feel respected and appreciated. Our team’s high motivation is increased by including our employees in the company’s shareholders structure. All presented actions are directed at achieving one objective: to meet our clients’ expectations. At the beginning of our cooperation, we carefully listen to the client’s needs, then present creative ideas for solving their problems. We offer to take over the support of service processes and shape them to make them more flexible while taking the client’s changing needs into consideration. We want to develop a long-term cooperation that will allow us to form long-term and mutually beneficial relations.

Why Vimana?

Deciding to work with us, you make sure your company will receive the highest-quality services. We offer a wide range of activities, from solving individual, specific problems, through providing support for complex areas of operation, to satisfying your company’s IT needs in a complex way, which may be a good alternative to maintaining your own IT department.
Working with professionals

We have built a team of experts with extensive experience in providing services for numerous industry sectors, especially in the area of IT support for retail, telecommunication, and a widely-understood hospitality sector. Our employees hold numerous professional certificates in the area of IT process management as well as technical certificates granted by computer hardware manufacturers.

We are where you are

Operating across Poland and in selected CEE countries, we can offer our services to clients with distributed geographic structure.

High standard guaranteed

We use specialized tools for managing contracts, customer relationships, and service provision processes. From ticket registration and recording, up to making sure that the service has been provided correctly, the whole process is conducted electronically. An extensive knowledge base allows our engineers to use ready service procedures agreed with clients.

Reduced costs

Using our knowledge and experience, a strong team of mobile engineers, and a proactive approach to service allow us to offer services of the highest quality at reasonable prices. Our operations aim at lowering the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of client’s infrastructure as much as possible.


We adjust to our clients’ service needs by offering a range of different reaction time options and flexible service hours. We have a service centre open 24 hours a day, all year long.

Where to find us?

Vimana’s structure is geographically distributed and adapted to its clients’ needs. Our headquarters in Warsaw is a centre of commercial resources from all companies included in Vimana group, and high-class technical specialists from the second and third support line.

HelpDesk and ServiceDesk services are provided in Warsaw and Białystok central offices. Developers are distributed in 4 cooperation teams located in Silesia, Warsaw, Great Britain, and Russia. Regardless of these locations, our mobile engineers are located in 12 regions of Poland, supporting clients nationwide. Vimana also operates internationally and carries out projects on the territory of different countries, such as Slovenia, Romania, and Russia. Moreover, in a very short time, we can offer our services in other Central European countries, such as Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Croatia.

Offices location
Mapa biur serwisowych Vimana

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