Vimana Self Check Out (SCO)

Vimana SCO is an advanced system of self-checkout machines, allowing for self-service shopping and payment. Offered in the SCO-as-a-Device model, the machines are automatically integrated with an ERP system currently used in the shop. These machines are equipped with a wide range of subassemblies and accessories. It is the most cost-effective way to implement this technology in your company.

Our solution

With a growing cost of employment and decreasing availability of personnel, self-checkouts (SCO) are becoming a real and financially attractive alternative for traditional checkout systems, providing the following advantages:

  1. They lower the number of employees needed to serve customers,
  2. They reduce the costs of checkout personnel training (which is especially important if personnel fluctuations are frequent),
  3. They reduce the risk of personnel fraud,
  4. They ensure quick return on investment.

Using self-service checkout machines is possible both in small shops, where the staff is limited and a checkout can be self-serviced or convertible (supported by an employee), and bigger facilities, where this solution significantly increases checkout throughput with no need to use more space. Our devices are so compact – in comparison to other solutions offered by our competitors – that they actually allow you to restore some space and use it to display more products for sale.

As an independent manufacturer, we can offer dedicated devices, designed specifically for you and in accordance with presented requirements, with advanced forms of purchase:

  1. Customized design and colours of devices
  2. Support by financing the investment with a device lease or rental options
  3. Integration with our other products for retailers and restaurants.

Self-service checkout systems (SCO) offered by our company are a ground-breaking solution in the availability of this type of technology. In contrast to the solutions offered by our competitors, we provide self-service devices in the SCO-as-a-Service model. This means that we provide ready-made checkout machines with installed software needed to process payments, but the sale-supporting software is provided by the client’s ERP system producer.

Such a strategy has many advantages:

  1. It does not require any replacement of a checkout system with software developed by the checkout supplier;
  2. It allows to design and implement own sale and marketing solutions;
  3. It significantly reduces initial investment and the costs of implementation of self-service solutions.


As a part of the SCO purchase and installation process, our experts closely cooperate with developers of your sale-supporting systems in order to integrate both solutions and ensure the greatest satisfaction of end clients.


We will be happy to present our solutions in the retail sector in detail. Please contact us for more information.

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