Vimana SCO Middleware Integration of POS with SCO

The Vimana SCO middleware is a very powerful; software layer that has been created using the latest and field proven technology to allow third party POS application providers to easily and quickly integrate to any type of self service device.

Vimana SCO Middleware Integration of POS with SCO

The Vimana middleware actually consists of two separate products plus an option:

Device Only Middleware: This MW layer will provide very fast, easy to use, integration layer that allows POS applications to use the full power of all the below devices. In this MW, the client can retain the use of their GUI layer. The use of the MW in this approach separate the POS application from the detailed level connectivity to such an extent that the change of devices (for example CR100 to CLS) will not require significant changes at the POS level. The MW is actually a .NET dll that provides
the device API’s. There is a full document provided with this package that allows POS application programmers to quickly connect and operate the self service system.

GUI Middleware

This MW, provides both a full blown graphical self-service application as well as the management of the devices mentioned in the list above. On this MW, we also provide a .NET set of dll’s which provide a messaging interface to POS applications . Vimana GUI has been designed with special attention to User Experience, ease of use and readability. User centric approach, attracting, intuitive and modern app like design makes Vimana SCO appealing for today’s mobile application users but also highly usable for less tech-oriented customers by presenting well known patterns and familiar interface layouts. Furthermore, it is easy to adjust all GUI components
to the Client’s needs e.g. colour scheme or style to fit organisation’s brand guidelines. Vimana GUI is the next step of Self-Checkout Experience

For both MW packages above, there is an option to integrate the use of a security weigh scale database that allows the application of various layer of control of the sales of items based on their gross weight.


We provide a true SCO-As-A-Device system

Our middleware, allows for the integration of multiple types of SCO devices, Payment Stations, from various vendors, such as NCR, Fujitsu, Wincor, iTAB, etc. We support the current list of devices:

1. CPI G13 Coin Validator
2. CPI CX-25 Coin Dispensers
3. CPI CR100 Coin Recyclers
4. CPI BCR206
6. Innovative Technology Smart Hopper
7. Innovative Technology Twin Coin System
8. SC Advance Notes Accepter
9. Fujitsu F53 Notes Dispenser
12. Glory CI-10 Recycling Module
13. Innovative Technology Smart Payout
14. Innovative Technology Spectral Payout
15. Various Traffic Light Technologies
16. Pertech Smart Voucher Readers
17. ScaleTron Security Weigh Scales
18. Shekel Security Weigh Scale

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