Vimana Perpherials

Vimana is a manufacturer of extremely durable and reliable computers and peripherals, intended for use in difficult shop, restaurant, and industry environments.


Basing on many years of experience in servicing hardware in Retail and Horeca environments, we have designed a unique PC that is dedicated for use in difficult conditions, including strong vibrations and dust pollution, especially as a core of a POS system. The casing of this device is compact (200 × 240 mm) and fully made of metal.

Forming the casing with the use of press makes it extremely strong (an average user can even stand on it!), but it also allows the casing to serve as a small radiator, as a result of which the computer is left with no active cooling. The lack of ventilators significantly increases the device’s lifecycle, as there is no strong stream of cooling air which normally leads to the accumulation of huge amounts of dust and other types of dirt inside the casing in classic constructions. The lack of cooling usually causes devices to heat up, resulting in burned electronic elements or seized ventilator bearings; our solution is free of these flaws.

VimanaPOS is available with different processors and a wide range of input/output ports.

Vimana Touch

Durable and resistant to external conditions. A touchscreen manufactured with the use of resistance technology (a resistive touchscreen). It can be operated with the use of any stylus, also with fingers when wearing gloves. Designed to withstand 35 million touch operations.

A strong and heavy foot ensures stability, so that the screen does not tilt during its operation.

It is available with a popular analog VGA connector.

Low energy consumption (less than 24 W) allows for 12 V power supply connected directly from a checkout computer.
Vimana CDisplay

A standard client display made in VFD technology

Alphanumeric signs displayed in green

RS-232 interface and power from POS (5 W)

Durability: 20,000 hours of MTBF
Vimana TPrinter

A durable and ergonomic receipt printer

Interior completely made of metal

Printing on a 58 to 80-milimeter wide paper

Movable cutting blade with a capacity of 2,000,000 cuts

It can be mounted on a wall

Available communication modules: LPT, RS-232, WiFi, USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet

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