VIM Invoicing system

The VIM app is a modern invoicing system for trade and service enterprises.

VIM Invoicing system

⭕With VIM you can instantly and conveniently issue and correct any invoices. Thanks to tabular summaries you can immediately analyse sales. The software allows for adjusting invoice numbering.
⭕Furthermore, the app allows for storing business partners’ contact details, generating files necessary to prepare SAF-T (Standard Audit Files for Tax), and files with customer details for GDPR purposes.

Thanks to intuitive and transparent interface, documents are easy, fast, and enjoyable to issue.

VIM advantages (the VIM app has a very simple user manual)

⭕Client’s details – the details are imported from the client database, the GUS database in REGON, or the EC VIES database
⭕Invoices – invoices are issued based on the sales receipt, an invoice duplicate can be printed numerous times, the user can revise client details. Numerous recipients can be attributed to one client.

⭕Easy access to archived documents.
⭕Substitute receipt – once positions that are to be included on the invoice have been selected, a substitute receipt with positions which are not featured there is automatically generated.

⭕Invoice sending – the app can send an invoice directly to the client’s e-mail address.
⭕Various types of invoices and documents: VAT invoices, collective invoices, invoice duplicates, corrective invoices (returns), corrective notes, debit notes, invoices for intra-community delivery of goods, reverse charge invoices.
⭕Printouts – the app is compatible with fiscal printers that comply with the ESC/POS, POSNET and Thermal protocols.
⭕Payment forms: cash, foreign currency, vouchers, payment cards, credit sales, gift card, advance payment, wire transfer.
⭕Integration with other systems: NGEJ (EJ), sales systems.

⭕Security – Generating files with client details for GDPR requirements, granting access to the software to many users who can be given both individual and group rights to use particular functionalities of the software.
⭕SAF-T (Standard Audit Files for Tax) reports – generation of data for fiscal audits data necessary for software that creates SAF-T in a .csv format file, generation of JPK_FA files.
⭕Reports according to: types of documents, date brackets, clients.
⭕Customisation – functionalities can be adjusted to the client’s needs, individual invoice layout, adding company’s s own logo to the invoice, etc.
⭕Licence – lifetime licence, the software is automatically updated to latest versions for one year after the purchase free of charge.

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