System Gardens Rails

An application package allowing to register and control the management of all processes in a railway transport, also including a full scope of tasks related to railway vehicle operation.


GARDENS RAILS is based on world-class solutions by Gardens Software. It concentrates on ensuring the optimum usage of currently owned railway rolling stock. It ensures quick access to an overview of information on available resources, their operation, usage, and efficiency, while maximizing generated revenue and minimizing costs. The system is comprised of three basic elements:



Downloading timetables from SKRJ | Timetable change analysis tool | A list of train trips in a selected period | Gardens as a broker of data for different systems, e.g. HAFAS, Google Transit, PESA, NEVAG, KURS | Train trip reports | Train gross | Guard team information | Train trip route monitoring | A set of cars.



Register of train cleaning acceptance | Register of vehicle inspection and status | Circulation and configuration of a set of cars | Status register | Vehicle manoeuvers | A list of train sets of cars and departures | Train arrival and acceptance | Fault register and reporting | Vehicle record | Vehicle search | Vehicle kilometre register | A tool analysing kilometres and the correctness of registered vehicle trip routes.



A number of commercial train stops at the stations | A list of vehicles with their acceptance certificate expiry dates | A list of vehicles qualifying for planned maintenance inspections | 24-hour vehicle situation report | Cars in trains | Train gross weight comparison tool.

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