System CCM

Independent and cost-effective solution for Call Centre management with an integration of a multichannel communication (e-mail, fax, phone, chat), incident and knowledge base management. The whole solution is based on proven Open Source solutions used worldwide.

Product description

Internal users, internet service clients, or clients in public offices are more and more frequently serviced remotely, via telephone, e-mail, or chat. Registering and tracking a continuously growing number of queries and answering them in a satisfying and timely manner is starting to become a challenge. It then becomes necessary to use complex software. Our solution includes three elements:

  • A digital communication centre ensuring integrated communication and its registration;
  • An incident management system allowing you to track the status of processed notifications, also in relation to the defined SLA;
  • A knowledge base intended for supporting Call Centre agents in providing correct and repeatable answers to their clients.


The above functions are provided with the use of professional and very common Open Source solutions:

  • Asterisk for digital communication;
  • OTRS for contract and notification management;
  • Alfresco for creating a database of documents and forms.


The above products are perfectly documented and their open architecture allows for the integration of all three elements in accordance with the client’s business needs and demand.


Our product is complemented with hardware elements, from servers operating in a redundant mode, through telecommunication equipment (e.g. failover switch), to headsets for the personnel.

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