Self Scanning

An advanced solution allowing your customers to scan the products with the use of mobile phones right away when they are shopping! They just need to register in the system and install a scanning application. The list of scanned products is the base allowing to quickly issue a receipt and accept the payment. What is more, this solution also offers a completely new method of sale (with a minimum financial investment) for the most loyal customers.

Product description

Vimana 3S (Self Scanning System) is the next element of our company’s innovative offer for retail clients. It allows the customers to scan products with their mobile phones while shopping, then to send the list of products directly to a checkout or a deposit machine, allowing the customer to make the payment. There is no need to invest in movable scanners or separate any dedicated checkout stations. With the use of 3S, shopping process is as follows:
Register a new customer

A customer who wants to use the 3S solution has to register using correct data in the shop’s internet portal (maintained by your own IT team or by a third party). They also have to provide a correct mobile phone number and the model which will be used for shopping. Then, they are redirected to a website from which a dedicated 3S app can be downloaded and installed.

Install a mobile app

Depending on your business decision, both the installation and the first log-in operation can be fully automated, so as to reduce the number of actions required from the customer. It is also possible to choose a safer solution with password-based authorization the first, and then each time when the app is run.


Start the shopping

Customers start shopping by running their dedicated 3S application on their smartphones. Additional security mechanisms, such as scanning a special QR code when you enter the shop, are also possible. Depending on the character of the shop and the type of baskets, it may be necessary to support customers with special holders mounted on shopping trolleys.


Scan products

During the shopping process, the customer’s phone has to be connected to the Internet (via Wi-Fi provided inside the retail facility). Each product placed in the basket is scanned with a camera built in the telephone. An applied complex algorithm recognizes and scans a barcode in a split second, working almost as efficiently as stationary checkout scanners.


Get assistance and/or rescan the basket

After the customers have finished shopping, the application directs them to a checkout. Depending on your decision, customers can be directed to any existing checkout or to a special station intended only for 3S users. Customers who have finished shopping will see a code (QR or a numeric one) on their screens. On the basis of these codes, shop personnel will be able to serve the customers. Basing on the shopping history of a given customer and some safety algorithms, the 3S server decides whether the customer’s basket should be accepted or if the products must be rescanned. After certain control actions are performed, the customer is asked to make the payment.



If the customers pay for their products at the traditional checkout, available payment methods include the same ones as in the case of traditional shopping. It is also possible to pay at the self-service station with the use of a deposit machine. There is little risk that the customer will leave the shop without paying, as the transaction saved to this person’s name will not be regulated and closed.


The implementation of our 3S solution provides shops with numerous significant benefits and competitive advantages. The most important ones include:

  1. Minimized investment of a retail chain;
  2. Low costs related to the support of this solution;
  3. Streamlined customer service (queuebusting) at the time of intensive customer traffic;
  4. Encouraging more affluent customers who are interested in new solutions to visit the shop;
  5. Extensive knowledge about customers, their shopping habits (including not only information on products, but also on how often they shop, whether they are influenced by advertisements, how much time they spend in the shop, which parts of the shop they visit and in which order, basing on the order of scanned products, etc.)
  6. An ongoing contact with customers and the possibility to create fully personalized offers;
  7. A safe form of integration with the use of an additional communication server (customers’ phones are never directly connected to the shop’s active system).

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