Fiscal interface

Fiscal interface

Fiscal interface

(Interface in the .NET 2.0 technology) is a communicator between the sales app and fiscal printers allowing for:

⭕Changing the calendar date to the business date
⭕Remote configuration of printer parameters (e.g. heading, footing, VAT rates, dates, times)
⭕Managing the daily report print-out – automatic
⭕Modification of the print-out layout (e.g. grouping items to limit the length of the printout)
⭕Checking totalisers
⭕Communication with mobile printers via Bluetooth
⭕Print job queueing in the memory
⭕Seamless cooperation with the EJ client
⭕Identification of errors hindering correct printer functioning


Technical assumptions

⭕No differences between the sales system and fiscal report during the interface use period
⭕Communication with the printer via the POSNET or THERMAL protocol
⭕The interface unitised POSNET libraries
⭕Serial port opened only for printing out (possible connection of another app to the port between print outs)
⭕POSNET printer emulation in the local port for external systems (sending the printout to the interface instead of a printer)

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