Digital Media Networks

A support of professional Digital Signage devices requires the use of specialist equipment and trained personnel. Our offer for DS systems users and operators includes installation services and warranty and post-warranty service of hardware and equipment at the client’s site.

Product description

For the quickly expanding Digital Media segment, proper functioning of hardware installed on the territory of the whole country is a priority and a matter of building a positive image. Providing service for such a diverse hardware base requires a large team of people and their good coordination. Service teams also have to be equipped with professional tools allowing to access necessary devices (e.g. those located at heights), to fix them on site, or disassemble. It is also necessary to transfer disassembled devices safely and provide their replacement. Vimana helps you to solve these problems with:

  1. trained teams of service engineers certified in working with low voltage devices and at heights, operating across the country
  2. a network of service offices allowing for fixing hardware faster or providing replacement devices
  3. professional equipment and tools for working at heights, assembling, and disassembling devices
  4. professional transport equipment, protecting devices such as large screens from physical damage (such as scratches, cracks, etc.)
  5. DS equipment installation at a determined location, at a turnkey basis.

What is also important, many years of experience in working with clients showed us how important it is to ensure good aesthetic design of installed devices and to provide the possibility to install them with minimum difficulties for the end-client.
Choosing our offer helps you to significantly reduce the cost of a Digital Signage operation by lowering the investment in tools, equipment, and personnel. Vimana’s offer also allows you to increase the availability of service and offer contracts with a strictly defined SLA level to your end clients.

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